Creating On Topic Content Helps SEO

Dear readers

When you get an idea and want to write about it here are some suggestions I would follow:

  • Research the subject well by reading up what is being said on the topic on online.
  • Jot down your points on what you will talk about and try not to copy word for word from the work of other people’s work. It will do more harm than good if you were to copy people.
  • I suggest putting together useful information that can be more helpful than what is being found on the internet.
  • Once you have the topic in mind start to write it out. About 300 to 500 words is all you need to do on the subject.
  • Have at least 2 or three tips in your posts based around what people are searching for.
  • Once you have written out your post then stat to add some keywords in to the post. I suggest just adding one main keyword and 2 secondary keywords to support the main keyword. These secondary keywords could very well be the topics of the paragraphs you are writing about.
  • The next step is substitute LSI keywords for words in your post. This will make the post richer and on topic.
  • Make sure your main keyword is in the title of the post as well as part of the URL too.

I hope these tips help you in your blogging today. This will certainly improve the SEO of your post.

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