Three SEO Tips For Top Rankings

Here are 3 great tips that will help you with your search engine marketing efforts on your blog.

  • Make your blog posts on topic with your main keyword. Have supporting keywords that help the main keyword phrase. These secondary keywords should be your headline topics for 3 paragraphs.
  • Collect LSI keywords to support the paragraph message. Collect all this data before writing your post.
  • Get a good image or Youtube Video on topic with your article. There are many videos on YT or Vimeo that you can link to freely.

Creating On Topic Content Helps SEO

Dear readers

When you get an idea and want to write about it here are some suggestions I would follow:

  • Research the subject well by reading up what is being said on the topic on online.
  • Jot down your points on what you will talk about and try not to copy word for word from the work of other people’s work. It will do more harm than good if you were to copy people.
  • I suggest putting together useful information that can be more helpful than what is being found on the internet.
  • Once you have the topic in mind start to write it out. About 300 to 500 words is all you need to do on the subject.
  • Have at least 2 or three tips in your posts based around what people are searching for.
  • Once you have written out your post then stat to add some keywords in to the post. I suggest just adding one main keyword and 2 secondary keywords to support the main keyword. These secondary keywords could very well be the topics of the paragraphs you are writing about.
  • The next step is substitute LSI keywords for words in your post. This will make the post richer and on topic.
  • Make sure your main keyword is in the title of the post as well as part of the URL too.

I hope these tips help you in your blogging today. This will certainly improve the SEO of your post.

Begin With The End In Mind | Plan For Success

Most people I have found seldom have a plan of action where business is concerned. They then wonder why they failed. Its not that they had planned to fail. They just failed to plan.

Business needs a road map to success. Business people must allow for detours and may necessary allowances and resources available if things do not happened as planned. These failures are necessary if one has to go from strength to strength. Failures are just measurements of progress against which we must check, readjust and then move forward.

While attempting your SEO activities on your websites you will see this happen time and time again. It just doesn’t mean you are making mistakes. It just means you need to make small changes and then reattempt your actions again. At each check point re-evaluate and adjust and move forward.

Always look at your search engine optimization work on your sites as a work in progress.

Create Meaningful ALT Tags For Images | SEO 101

When you upload images to your blog posts I suggest you follow these tips below:

  1. Name the image after a keyword you plan to rank for. You may use LSI keywords instead of the main KW you plan to optimize for.
  2. Use an appropriate title based around the keyword or keyword phrase you want to rank after.
  3. Fill in the description. Again optimize it around the context of what you are writing all about.
  4. Fill in the ALT tags with a sensible keyword based on the topic you are writing about.

One Great Tip For Success

I feel the number one success tip I have ever received was to do things consistent. I like the saying “be consistently consistent”. This is so true. How many of us ever do something consistently. We may do a new task for a few days and then just stop doing it.

seo tipsBy doing things regularly we start to leave digital footprints on the internet. People can follow us and stay on top of what we do. I feel that this is one area that most people fail. They do things randomly and have no fixed goal with any sort of plan to get to that goal.

How can you measure anything if you do not have a goal. Secondly if you don’t do things regularly there is not to measure to start with. To get better at anything one must be doing this regularly or consistent. This is why I suggest that we first start to do simple things in the business and follow a system of being regular in doing it.

SEO 101 for Beginners

SEO Tips For BeginnersHere are some useful tips that can help small business owners when starting off in their business. The number one thing you must do when starting a business is have a business website or blog set up from day one.

I suggest getting a WordPress blog and start to share the news of your new business with people. Be consistent with your blog post and make sure you follow Google’s guidelines for proper SEO. If you do your article writing well you will find you have a steady stream of readers in a short period of time.

Link your blog with industry publications. Also drop the word around town that you write on various topics. Make sure you jot the URL of your blog down and hand it to people.

I hope these tips help you with your blog writing.