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Let me tell you a story. Last week I walked into a cafe in Brisbane in Australia. It was pretty quiet. Its not unusual to see local business so quiet like this. As I am always curious to learn what business owners have to say about the ups and down of trade so I ventured to dip a bit deeper and see.

small business in brisbaneI inquired why were there no customers present. And the staff mentioned that its pretty normal for this time of the year. Their reason was that winter had set in and people were just not going out as much. To back their claim further, they then went on to give me another reason why business was slow. I can’t believe that business owners and their staff do this in the 21st century. Why cant they look deeper why things are slow and probably make things better using social media as a resource to reach out to more people. Today getting the word out is much easier and so much cheaper than ever before.

However, to find out more … My immediate response suggesting that they start to break the myth that business is slow. I mentioned to them that’s what most people would say when things go quiet.

They place the blame on something else rather than looking for ways to get more people into the doors. If business gets too slow they could potentially go broke with no income coming in. This is frightening for the business. Not only would the owner lose his investment and probably the home he mortgage to get the business loan. But the staff would be displaced and lose their incomes too. It does affect many people’s lives.

Do We Need A Budget to Start A Company!

So, this brings me to how can we get more customers without have a huge budget. Let’s face it, most people starting off seldom have set aside any sort of budget for advertising and marketing. First, we must raise awareness in the community that we operate a business that had value to our customers.

This brings me to the question on how can we start an advertising campaign on a low shoestring budget?

Are there any cheap marketing ideas out there that can help?
Here are a few tips on how a business can start to generate more interest:

  1. Join a community group – This just doesn’t need to have any money behind it. You can attend a local church and its free to join in. Get to know the attendees. Learn about them and when it’s your turn to share tell them what you do. Invite them to check out your business when they have some free time. It’s simple as that. Remember to carry some flyers with you when you head over. You can hand them out as the church goers leave the hall.
  2. How about networking! You can network at other groups such as your local BNI, Chamber of Commerce, Toastmasters, meetup groups, etc. These groups meet outside quite often for social events and may need your services. Being a part of them or visiting these groups will get the words out quicker.
  3. Become a speaker! Ask the moderators of these groups above if you can give a short speech to their members. Most organisations look for local speakers to address their group and will only be too willing to accommodate you. In most cases they will not charge you.
  4. Get To Know People At Events! When at events you attend make sure you go early with a bunch of business cards. Make a point to get to know at least 2 to 6 people at each event. Not too many as you want to be remembered after you leave and leave a good impression. Try to listen more to people before pitching your business or even giving out your business cards. Remember it’s all about them not you. If you satisfy their curiosity they will start to follow you. Meetups are great places to get to know people. More about Meetups here. Click Here!
  5. Elevator Pitch! This brings me now to the elevator speech. Practice your catchy 30 to 45 second pitch that you can share what you do. Remember it’s not selling rather sharing what you do. Always end with a question to see if they have an interest in what you do.

Now most people starting out in business seldom have a game plan around advertising/ marketing.

local brisbane seoThough this may seem unreal its true. Most people will either think of this as an afterthought and in most cases will not even have a small budget to put towards advertising. How crazy is that. You invest massive amounts of money in starting your company and not tell people about it. Just think about that.

Is that, right?
In today’s world, it’s even more easier. Social media and the internet has literally made this so easy. In fact, it’s can be almost free to get the word out. Take a few photos and share on Instagram or Facebook.
You may also want to start a free blog that won’t cost you anything. Get your Google pages set up and connect all your social properties and away you go for free. How’s that for some tips.

There are many digital marketing companies as well as SEO Brisbane firms that specializes in search engine optimizations for businesses. Get in touch with a couple of these and see if they can assist you. Look for a internet company in marketing that has good online experience. The local SEO company must do a site audit and answer all questions before you give them your work. It is important to get the right consultant on your side to give you the best service and rank your business properly. Remember your business visibility depends on how well they do the search optimization on your websites.

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Tristan Coughlan

Tristan Coughlan